Remote Sensing Beta Test – Engineering Activity 3: Taking Shape

Remote Sensing - Engineering A2 Front

Activity Timing

15 min. Introduction
10 min. Investigate
30 min. Map a Test Surface
10 min. Reflect

65 min. Total

Prep Snapshot

Prep Time: 10 min

Set up Materials Table.


Bird’s-eye view: a perspective from above 

Radar: radio detection and ranging 

Sonar: sound detection and ranging 

Topographic map: a representation of the shape of land in an area 

Topography: the shape of land in an area 

Remote Sensing Vocab List

Remote Sensing FAQs


21st Century Skills Connection

Collaboration, Creativity

Habits of Mind

  • Construct models and simulations 

Activity Overview

Youth engineer a model of a LiDAR technology to capture the shape and height of a landscape (topography). 

Guiding Question

How can we gather information about topography? 

Youth Will Do

  • Use bundles of straws as models to represent how remote sensing with laser technology can produce topographic maps. 
  • Develop ideas for changing the design of the straw model to better map the surface of objects.  

Youth Will Know

  • Engineers often use models to represent the technologies or materials they are investigating and test their technologies in model conditions. 
  • Engineers design technologies that capture complex data to make it easier to understand and use for different purposes. 
  • Engineers must evaluate the quality of the data their technologies produce. 

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