Remote Sensing Beta Test – Engineering Activity 6: Engineering Showcase

Remote Sensing - Engineering A6 Front

Activity Timing

  • 5 min. Introduction
  • 20 min. Showcase Preparation
  • 30 min. Engineering Showcase
  • 10 min. Landscape Reveal and Family Connections
  • 5 min. Reflect

70 min. Total

Prep Snapshot

Prep Time: 15 min 

  • Set up Space Screens and Materials Table.
  • Invite community members. 

Key Terms

21st Century Skills Connection

Collaboration, Communication

Habits of Mind

  • See themselves as problem solvers 
  • Make evidence-based decisions 

Activity Overview

Youth recommend a remote sensing technology to be sent on a spacecraft. 

Guiding Question

How can we share information about our remote sensing technology design with others? 

Youth Will Do

Discuss what they have learned with members of their community. 

Youth Will Know

  • Communicating with others is an important part of an engineering design process. 
  • As engineers, they have valuable knowledge to share about the problem they have solved.