Remote Sensing Beta: Engineering Vocabulary

Engineering Prep Activity: What is Engineering? (P1)
Antenna a structure that helps send and receive signals
Constraints limits on a design
Criteria things a successful design needs to do or have
Engineering the use of creativity and knowledge of math and science to design things that solve problems
Engineering Design Process a set of steps that engineers use to design things to solve a problem
Technology an object, system, or process designed by people to solve a problem
Engineering Context-Setting Activity: How Do Engineers and Scientists Work Together on NASA Missions? (P2)
NASA the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Remote far away or distant
Remote Sensing collecting information at a distance
Sensing collecting or becoming aware of information
Engineering Activity 1: Redirecting Light (A1)
HiRISE High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, a camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
LiDAR Light detection and ranging, a technique using lasers to measure distance
Redirect to change the direction of
System a group of parts that work together
Engineering Activity 2: Hidden Minerals (A2)
Engineering Activity 3: Taking Shape (A3)
Bird's-eye view a perspective from above
Radar radio detection and ranging
Sonar sound detection and ranging
Topographic map a representation of the shape of land in an area
Topography the shape of land in an area
Engineering Activity 4: Create a Remote Sensing Device (A4)
Engineering Activity 5: Improve a Remote Sensing Device (A5)
Engineering Activity 6: Engineering Showcase (A6)