Remote Sensing Beta Test – Science Context-Setting Activity: How Do Scientists and Engineers Work Together on NASA Missions?

Remote Sensing - Engineering P2 Front

Activity Timing

10 min. Introduction
25 min. Video and Card Game
10 min. Reflect

55 min. Total

Prep Snapshot

Prep Time: 30 min 

  • Invite a family or community member for this Activity. 
  • Copy cards for each group of 4. 


Engineering: the use of creativity and knowledge of math and science to design things that solve problems 

NASA: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

Remote: far away or distant 

Remote sensing: collecting information at a distance 

Sensing: collecting or becoming aware of information 

Technology: an object, system, or process designed by people to solve a problem 

Remote Sensing Vocab List

Remote Sensing FAQs

21st Century Skills Connection

Collaboration, Critical Thinking

Habits of Mind

  • Envision multiple solutions. 
  • Construct models and simulations. 

Activity Overview

Youth learn about the ways that scientists and engineers rely on each other during NASA missions by watching a video and playing a card matching game. 

Guiding Question

How do scientists and engineers work together on a NASA mission to learn about another planet without going there? 

Youth Will Do

  • Draw connections between questions asked by scientists and those asked by engineers. 

Youth Will Know

  • On NASA missions, engineers design technologies to help planetary scientists gather data to answer their questions. 
  • Remote sensing technologies gather data from a distance. 

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