Educator Opportunity: Recruiting for Field Test for Water in Extreme Environments

Looking for exciting NASA inspired, hands-on materials for use with out-of-school time middle school learners?

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What do we know about water in the solar system? How can we reuse water in extreme environments?

Northern Arizona University is seeking Out-of- School Time educators to participate in a study of the Planetary Learning that Advances the Nexus of Engineering, Technology, and Science (PLANETS) Water in Extreme Environments curriculum for middle school-aged learners.

What is the purpose of the study?

The study will begin in February 2020 and will look at:

  • How educators use the materials to help learners understand how scientists study water on remote worlds
  • What educators think of the quality and usefulness of the material
  • How the units impact learners interest in science and engineering

What do you need to do?

  • Attend an online study orientation (1 hour) and participate in online professional development (3 hours)
  • Implement the PLANETS Water in Extreme Environments curriculum with your learners (12 hours)
  • Complete an online survey about your use of the materials and your experience (20 minutes)
  • Participate in an interview about the curriculum (40 minutes)
  • Participate in classroom observations (for a sample of classrooms)
  • Administer an engineering interest survey to your students (20 minutes)

How will you be compensated for participating?

  • You will receive the Water in Extreme Environments teaching materials (guides and materials kit) needed to implement the curriculum (approx. $450 value).
  • You will receive $500 for implementing the curriculum and participating in data collection to compensate you for your time.

Apply for the Field Test Study Today!

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