Educator Opportunity: Practitioner Focus Group

Now Recruiting!
Experienced out-of-school time practitioners to participate in a NASA-funded study.

Do you work with learners who are in grades 3-8 and who are:

  • Emergent Bilingual?
  • Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian? Or
  • Experiencing physical disabilities?

What is the purpose of the study?

The study will begin in April 2021 and will examine:

  • What are effective practices for supporting the underserved learners in STEM learning in OST environments?
  • How well prepared are OST educators to meet the needs of youth experiencing physical disabilities, Native Americans, and English language learners?
  • What support is most needed by OST educators to meet the needs of youth who are bilingual emergent learners, Native American, and/or experience physical disabilities in order to facilitate effective STEM learning?

What do you need to do?

  • Complete an online application. Criteria for selection is 3 years of experience in OST practice with one of our target audiences.
  • Agree to participate in a 90-minute focus group interview
  • Agree to be contacted for follow-up as needed.

How will you be compensated for participating?

You will receive a $50 gift card for your time.

Find out more

The study is part of the PLANETS OST program, a planetary science and engineering program funded through NASA. We need your help and expertise in the design of materials to best support OST educators. We invite you to join us for a focus group conversation with other OST professionals to learn from and share your expertise.

Contact Joelle Clark at for more information.

Complete this Form to APPLY NOW!

We will be holding 90-minute focus groups for expert practitioners with experience working with one of three target audiences (youth who are Native American, youth experiencing physical disabilities, and youth who are Emergent bilingual learners). Please complete the following form if you are interested in participating.

OST Workplace Address (please include city, state and zip code):

Please indicate with which target audience you have experience working with and how many years of experience you have working with that group (if you have experience working with more than one group, please indicate all that apply):

Youth who are:

Please provide us one suggestion you would give other OST educators for effective practice in meeting the needs of one of our target audiences:

Which windows of time would be better for you to participate in focus group

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