Remote Sensing: Activity – Engineering A4

Remote Sensing - Engineering A4 Front

Activity Timing

5 min. Introduction
10 min. Imagine and Plan
30 min. Create and Test
10 min. Reflect

55 min. Total

Prep Reminder

The Educator Guide has a script, materials list, and prep directions. Be sure to have it open and ready to help guide you through every activity.

* Post the Engineering Design Process poster.
* Prepare the Mystery Moon sites and Space Screens by following the instructions on pp. 51-53 iof the guide.
* Create a Materials Table with the materials listed in the guide

Key Terms

Data: Information that is collected through scientific investigation

Remote Sensing Vocab List

Remote Sensing FAQs


EDP Steps Used In This Activity

Imagine, Plan, Create, and Test


Youth apply what they have learned so far to design remote sensing devices to answer a question posed by a scientist.

Quick Tips

* If youth have struggled with previous activities, start them with the Scientist Jaime.
* Emphasize screens model the distance between the moon and the Earth, so youth must design technologies to gather the information remotely. They may not touch the surface nor look behind the screen.

Videos Related to this Activity

Science Snippet: Build your content knowledge to help answer youth's questions.

End of Activity Engineering Reflection

Today we used data from prior investigations to imagine, create and test how well our remote sensing technologies gather information.

Key Take Away

As engineers we can design remote sensing technologies to get informa­tion about a mystery moon from a distance.

Did you know?

Failure is a big part of the engineering design process. Engineers sometimes make mistakes on purpose so they can learn how to avoid them later when it's more crucial to get it right .