Remote Sensing: Activity – Engineering A5

Remote Sensing - Engineering A5 Front

Activity Timing

5 min. Introduction
35 min. Final Launch
15 min. Presenting the Data
5 min. Reflect

60 min. Total

Prep Reminder

The Educator Guide has a script, materials list, and prep directions. Be sure to have it open and ready to help guide you through every activity.

* Post the Engineering Design Process poster.
* Arrange the Space Screens according to Space Screen Assembly, p. 52 of the Educator Guide.
* Create a Materials Table with the materials from Activity 4.
* Make copies of the Engineering Showcase invitation, p. 83 in this guide, for youth to distribute to their family and friends.

Key Terms

Improve (in engineering):To make a device better than the first build. Examples include something being smaller, lighter, more durable, faster, able to do more things, or collect more kinds of data.

Remote Sensing Vocab List

Remote Sensing FAQs


EDP Steps Used In This Activity



Youth improve their device, decide how to display the data, and make a recommendation to the scientist.

Quick Tips

* Have groups check the size of their devices by placing them on a folded sheet of paper.
* Data visualizations can take many forms including drawings, maps, and graphs.
* Having an authentic audience for the Showcase can inspire youth to think more deeply about their presentations.

End of Activity Engineering Reflection

Today we improved technologies to get data we can now display in a visual way so others will understand it.

Key Take Away

We can improve remote sensing technologies.

Did you know?

Data can be communicated in music or visually appealing artforms. Try it yourself, assign a note to each level of the moonscape, and sing or play your findings to the group.