Space Hazards: Activity – Engineering A1 card front - featured image

Space Hazards: Activity – Engineering A1

Activity Timing

5 min. Duo Update
5 min. Set the Stage
15 min. Activity
20 min. Reflect

45 min. Total

Prep Reminder

Check the Educator Guide for detailed materials prep information. Here a couple of other key reminders:

  • It will take about 40 minutes to prepare for this activity
  • Post the EDP Poster
  • Get the Duo Message ready
  • Watch and prepare to play video:
  • Copy Stations 1-3 (pp. 25-29, guide)
  • Set up stations (pp.22-23, guide).

Key Terms

Hazard: A source of danger

Space Hazards FAQ's

Space Hazards Vocab List

EDP Steps Used In This Activity



Youth investigate multiple glove types to determine which are better for certain tasks.

Quick Tips

Group management strategies:

  • Make bold labels for materials table
  • Make bags of materials for each group rather than a materials table
  • Rotate groups through stations
  • Designate a volunteer to help other groups with testing and reset

Duo Message Audio File

Play these two audio tracks to introduce the activity to youth.

End of Activity Engineering Reflection

Today we asked which common household gloves are best for certain tasks. We tested them and compared the results to answer our question.

Key Take Away

We can identify which gloves are best for various uses.

Did you know?

Many people wear gloves at work for protection from occupational hazards. Surgeons wear latex or nitrile gloves, electrical workers wear fire-resistant gloves, and professional athletes even wear gloves, like baseball mitts. Animals use different materials to protect them from hazards in their environments too like scales, feathers, blubber, and fur.