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Space Hazards: Activity – Engineering A3

Activity Timing

5 min. Duo Update
10 min. Set the Stage
25 min. Activity
10 min. Reflect

50 min. Total

Prep Reminder

Check the Educator Guide for detailed materials prep information. Here a couple of other key reminders:

  • It will take about 25 minutes to prepare for this activity
  • Post the EDP Poster
  • Get the Duo Message ready
  • Post Testing Results chart and add an Impact column (pp. 46, guide)
  • Set up the Materials Table
  • Fill two containers with 100 washers each and tape lids on
  • Prepare demo glove with 5 spaghetti pieces
  • Set up testing stations (skewer taped to aluminum tray, spaghetti, testing weights, ruler).

Key Terms

Impact: The act of one thing hitting another

Space Hazards FAQ's

Space Hazards Vocab List

EDP Steps Used In This Activity



Youth explore how well different materials protect against impact.

Quick Tips

For ELL, pair youth purposefully to encourage the best possible environment for collaboration

Emphasize the analogies:

  • The spaghetti represent bones in a hand
  • The skewer represents a tool
  • The washer container represents a falling rock

Duo Message Audio File

Play this file to introduce the activity to youth.

Videos Related to this Activity

Science Snippet: Build your content knowledge to help answer youth's questions.

End of Activity Engineering Reflection

Today we asked which materials are better at protecting against impact. We tested and compared the results to answer our question.

Key Take Away

We can identify which materials to use in making a glove that protects against impact.

Did you know?

Some construction gloves have rubber tread like a shoe to protect workers from impacts with falling tools, construction materials, and the moving parts of equipment.