Space Hazards: Activity – Engineering A7 card front - featured image

Space Hazards: Activity – Engineering A7

Activity Timing

5 min. Duo Update
15 min. Set the Stage
20 min. Activity
5 min. Reflect

45 min. Total

Prep Reminder

The Educator Guide has a script, materials list, and prep directions. Be sure to have it open and ready to help guide you through every activity.

  • Prep will take about 5 minutes
  • Get the Duo message ready
  • Consider previewing videos on presentation methods.

Key Terms

Communicate (in engineering): To share information, data, or ideas. When engineers communicate, designs can be improved. When scientists communicate, data and ideas can be used to discover new things.

Space Hazards FAQ's

Space Hazards Vocab List

EDP Steps Used In This Activity



Youth prepare presentations to communicate their space glove design to others.

Quick Tips

  • Consider showing videos of presentation techniques
  • Consider filming each group and posting on social media

Duo Message Audio File

Play this file to introduce the activity to youth.

End of Activity Engineering Reflection

Today we communicated our space glove technology and how we used an EDP to design it.

Key Take Away

We can communicate how we designed our space glove using an EDP.

Did you know?

NASA astronauts sometimes wear space suits designed by other countries for specific tasks, like the Russian Sokol launch and entry suit. In order to find the best design, space agencies collaborate.