Space Hazards: Activity – Science S3 card front

Space Hazards: Activity – Science S3

Activity Timing

5 min. Introduction
10 min. Know the Cards
20 min. Play Card Game
10 min. Reflect

45 min. Total

Prep Reminder

The Educator Guide has a script, materials list, and prep directions. Be sure to have it open and ready to help guide you through every activity.

  1. Reuse Mitigate Hazards Playmats.
  2. Sort out Deck C from last activity.
  3. Print Deck D for each group of 4.
  4. Cut Deck D cards out and combine Decks C and D.
  5. Post the Game Rules.
  6. Have the S3 directions and educator background (pp. 11-21) on hand.

Key Terms

Gravity: A force that attracts 2 objects toward each other, such as the earth and all objects around it.

Radiation: Energy in the form of light waves or particles.

Space Hazards FAQ's

Space Hazards Vocab List


Youth explore different hazards and mitigations in space and learn that some are the same as they are on Earth.

Quick Tips

If groups finish early, remove the Research and Teamwork chance cards and two-four mitigation cards from the deck and restart game play. This will make the game more challenging.

Videos Related to this Activity

Science Snippet: Build your content knowledge to help answer youth's questions.

End of Activity Science Reflection

Today we learned about different hazards in space and different strategies that humans have developed to mitigate them.

Key Take Away

There are many hazards in space and ways to mitigate them. Some are the same for the Earth, Moon, and Mars, and some are different.

Did you know?

Finding ways to mitigate hazards in space can improve life on Earth. For example, scientists studying bone loss prevention in space can help prevent bone loss for people with osteoporosis on Earth.