Water in Extreme Environments: Activity – Engineering A5

Water in Extreme Environments - Engineering A5 Front

Activity Timing

Introduction: 5 min
Plan: 5 min
Improve: 35 min
Reflect: 10 min

55 min. Total

Prep Corner

  • Post EDP Poster
  • Post Extreme Environments Quality Chart, p.48
  • Create a Materials Store with remaining filter materials
  • Copy and distribute Engineering Showcase Invitations, p. 59
  • If needed, replenish samples & copy new reuse plan cards, p. 53

Key Terms

Improve (in engineering): To make a process better than the first design. Examples include something being cheaper, easier, better at producing results, etc.

Water in Extreme Environments FAQ's

Water in Extreme Environments Vocab List

EDP Steps Used In This Activity



Youth improve their process to better meet the criteria of their extreme environment.

Quick Tips

  • If groups struggled in Activity 4, use this as additional time to meet criteria.
  • If groups accomplished criteria in Activity 4, use budget contraints to improve the process.

Science Reflection

Today we improved our water reuse process. Not getting it the first time helps make technology better.

Key Take Away

We can improve technologies we have designed.

Did you know?

The International Space Station filters and treats every drop of water used on board so it can be used again the next day. To learn more, check out this cool NASA video linked through: www.planets-stem.org/water-inextreme-environments/