Water in Extreme Environments: Activity – Engineering P1

Water in Extreme Environments - Engineering P1 Front

Activity Timing

Introduction: 5 min.
Identify: 5 min.
Create: 20 min.
Test & Communicate: 15 min.
Reflect: 10 min.

55 min. Total

Prep Corner

  • Post EDP Poster
  • Set up Group Materials: 100 index cards, ruler, scissors
  • Set up Materials Table: 4 rolls masking tape
  • Fill and seal water container

Key Terms

Criteria: Things that you or your design need to do.

Constraints: Ways that you or your design are limited.

Water in Extreme Environments FAQ's

Water in Extreme Environments Vocab List

EDP Steps Used In This Activity

Plan, Create, Test


Youth engage in an engineering design challenge using an Engineering Design Process (EDP), criteria, and constraints.

Quick Tips

1. Identify each EDP step used in wrap up

2. Criteria:

  • Work in groups
  • 1 foot container
  • Support container 10 seconds

3. Constraints:

  • 20 minutes
  • Given materials
  • Scissors and ruler not in tower

Science Reflection

Today we used an EDP to solve problems with criteria and constraints.

Key Take Away

We are engineers!

Did you know?

Use duct tape much? You probably engineer more than you think. Anytime you design a makeshift tool because you don't have exactly what you need, you are engineering.