Water in Extreme Environments: Activity – Science S2

Water in Extreme Environments: Activity – Science S2 card front

Activity Timing

Introduction: 5 min
Explore: 15 min
Investigate Water: 25 min
Wrap Up: 10 min

55 min. Total

Prep Corner

  • Print & post tables around the room, pp. 26-29
  • Print and cut cards, p. SO
  • Optional: laminate cards for future use

Key Terms

Reservoir: A place where something is stored (in this case, water)

Water in Extreme Environments FAQ's

Water in Extreme Environments Vocab List


Youth explore where water is available in the solar system and begin to consider its accessibility and usability.

Quick Tips

  • The math behind the water droplet values is available on: www.planets-stem.org
  • Distribute cards for investigating water in the solar system in groups or shuffle and deal randomly, p. 25

Videos Related to this Activity

Science Snippet: Build your content knowledge to help answer youth's questions.

Science Reflection

Today we learned that water elsewhere in the solar system exists in similar reservoirs to earth and have similar accessibility and usability considerations.

Key Take Away

Water is abundant in the solar system and exists in similar reservoirs and phases as earth.

Did you know?

We drink water molecules that dinosaurs drank. Earth's water has been around for billions of years, check out video 6: Water in the Solar System on: