Planetary Learning that Advances the Nexus of Engineering, Technology, and Science

PLANETS is a five-year interdisciplinary and cross-institutional partnership to develop and disseminate out-of-school time curricular and educator resource modules that integrate planetary science, technology, and engineering.

Products Available for all Units

  • Science Educator Guide
  • Engineering Educator Guide
  • Educator Resources (videos, handouts, learning progressions, and more)
Planetary Science

Discover planetary bodies, rover landing sites, and look for signs of life


Design and improve technologies that help solve a problem

Out-of School Time

Promote interests, improve 21st-Century skills, open doors to STEM careers

PLANETS image icon with an adult seated, a child pointing to the stars, and a child in a wheelchair looking through a telescope at the starts

PLANETS Partners

The Center for Science Teaching and Learning at Northern Arizona University, the U.S. Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center, and the Museum of Science Boston are partners in developing, piloting, and researching the impact of three out of school time planetary science and engineering curriculum and related professional development units.

NAU Center for Science Teaching and Learning

Engineering is Elementary

USGS Astrogeology Science Center