Welcome to Space Hazards!

Space Hazards Unit Cover image collage of an astronaut above a planet surface

Youth engage in card games on collaborative teams.

Youth learn about how to protect humans and robots on Earth and in space by: 

  • Mitigating common hazards on Earth and in space (Science Activities S1-S3);  
  • Planning a mission that mitigates Space Hazards (Science Activity S4); and 
  • Engineering space gloves with basic materials (Engineering Activities P1-E7).

Step 1: Get Your Educator Guides and Materials

  1. Print educator guides.
  2. Print student journals/notebooks.
  3. Buy a kit for the Engineering Unit or gather your own materials from the kit’s content list.

Step 2: Get Ready to Teach - Educator Videos, Quick Tips, and Digital Resources

Press the thumbnails below to see the videos, quick tips, and resources for each activity.

Engineering Activities

Science Activities

Step 3: Improve Teamwork, Collaboration, and Build 21st Century Skills

PLANETS curriculum already supports the development of 21st Century skills. Try our 21st Century Skill strategies to better understand and enhance the process.

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Use our FAQ's to address common questions for Space Hazards Activities.

Step 4: Going Beyond

Got youth hooked on STEM and space science? Try these endless connections:

Interested in becoming a planetary science educator?

  • Participate in PLANETS professional development and research;
  • attend a conference; or
  • pursue other amazing opportunities offered through NASA.