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What is Technology?

Youth consider the definition of technology as any thing or process humans (engineers) design to solve a problem.

Youth Will Know

Anything designed by humans to solve problems is a technology. 

Activity Downloads

What Is Technology Educator Guide
pdf 546.67 KB
What Is Technology Engineering Journal (English)
pdf 186.44 KB
What Is Technology Engineering Journal (Spanish)
pdf 423.39 KB
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The Educator Guide has a script, materials list, and prep directions. Be sure to have it open and ready to help guide you through every activity.  

  1. Print and post the EDP Poster. 
  2. Get the Message from the Duo ready. 
  3. Fill 2 deli containers with water. 
  4. Set up a Materials Table. 
  5. Measure out a 15 ft distance on the floor for the "Send a Message" activity. 
  6. Create 2 model plants (Educator Guide p. 10). 
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Guiding Question

What is technology and how can it solve problems?

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Youth will do

Engage in an engineering design challenge using an Engineering Design Process (EDP). 

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Did you know?

  • Engineers designed pens for astronauts that can write in extreme temperatures, zero gravity, and under water. Normal pens rely on gravity for the ink to flow, and pencil graphite breaks into tiny sharp pieces that float around in space.
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Quick Tips

  • Find an alternative version of this activity at
  • Problems #1 and #2 are the most difficult. Problem #3 is the easiest
  • In wrapping up, identify each step of the EDP used in the activity
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Technology: any thing designed by humans to help solve a problem

Duo Message Audio File


Activity Timing

5 min
Present the Message from the Duo
10 min
Set the Stage
25 min
Hands-On Technology
5 min
45 min